Good practices        

Good Practices in Crop Diversity Management and Use

How do we define ‘good practice’?

This project uses the definition by Sthapit et al., 2003 where a good practice can be a system, organization or process that over time:

• Maintains, enhances and creates crop genetic diversity
• Is available to and from farmers and all involved in the process
• Improves livelihoods on a sustainable basis

A further framework was developed for good practices in the context of sustainable livelihood which includes:

• Propagation and nursery management
• Production and management of tropical fruit tree genetic resources
• Linking farmers with market (commercialization that supports diversity maintenance and livelihood of poor)
• Consolidating community role in management of tropical fruit tree genetic resources (social organization/community empowerment)

Is there one set of good practices for all contexts?

The context where the set of good practices is found to be successful is very important. Good practice reported in one location might not work in another location because of difference in the context.

The two broad contexts of the project are:
• Communities interacting with natural forest or protected areas; mostly in hilly to mountainous landscape; accessible to basic services and support system including markets
• On farm/home-garden/orchards, communities engaged in intensive horticultural practices in flat agricultural landscapes; highly connected to markets, very good physical infrastructure such as power, road, communication and others.

What are the main features of good practice?

• Practical
• Cost-effective
• Sustainable
• Potential for scaling up in wider geographical, institutional and socio-cultural contexts
• Generate social, economic and environmental benefits

The project’s objective is that the tropical fruit tree genetic resources are conserved in situ and on farm. Sustainably applying good practices will strengthen the capacity of farmers, user groups, local communities and institutions to benefit.

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