In Thailand, the project is executed by Department of Agriculture (DoA), Bangkok, Thailand. The National Project Management Unit (NPMU) is based at DoA, Bangkok.

Project interventions in Thailand focused on Mango, Citrus, Garcinia and Rambutan.

Thailand selected 5 sites:

1. Chanthaburi


Klong Na Rai and Trok Nong, Chanthaburi are in the eastern region which is close to both short mountain ranges and the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Tropical fruit trees are among the main products of the province. For instance, in 2000, Chanthaburi produced almost one third of the world’s production of durian fruits.

Target crops and varieties

Garcinia, Nephelium and citrus. The production of Garcinia mangostana and Nephelium lappaceum in this area are second and third to durian. This location has rich diversity of Garcinia (5), Nephalium (4), Mango (8) and Citrus (5). The  site has also 7 wild species of Garcinia and three spp of Mangifera.

2. Chiang Mai 


Mai-O Nai sub-district, Chiang Mai, is located in mountainous norther Thailand. Cultivated crops in the area include corn, upland and lowland rice, vegetables and flowers.

Target crops and varieties

Mangifera and Citrus. The site has rich mango diversity (21) and citrus diversity (??). One wild Garcinia Xanthochy is reported.

3. Nakorn Si Thammarat


Kiriwong village in Lanska district in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, is situated on the upper part of southern Thailand in the cradle of the Khao Luang mountain range. The Kiriwong community’s income comes from making and selling high quality souvenirs such as tie-dye, herbal products, coconut shells, juice, wine and preserved durian.

Target crops and varieties

Garcinia and Nephelium. The site has 5 varieties of cultivated Garcinia and 4 types of Nephelium. Four species of wild Citrus, 4 species of wild garcinia, 1 wild Mangifera foetida and two wild species of Nephelium is recorded.

4. Sisaket


Huai Thap Than district, Si Sa Ket province is located in the northeast plateau of Thailand. Rice, the staple food of the region, thrives and during the short monsoon season Garcinia sp. (locally known as Madan) grows abundantly and naturally.

Target crops and varieties

Garcinia and Mangifera. The natural Garcinia habitat is utilized for producing a well known unique local product which is chicken grilled with a Madan stick. However, due to the great demand for madansticks, there have been efforts made by the community to manage this Garcinia for long term and sustainable use. The site has 10 varieties of mango, 4 varieties each of Garcinia (two of them wild), Citrus and one variety of rambutan.

5. Trang 


Trang province, Rasda district, is located in the hilly lower part of southern Thailand on the coast of the Andaman Sea. The main crop is rubber, intercropped with salacca, longkong, mangosteen, neem tree, also intercropped with shrubs and annual vegetables.

Target crops and varieties

Garcinia, Nephelium and Citrus. The site has 9 varieties of Citrus spp, 6 Mangifera spp, and three each of Garcinia and Nephelium. Site is also rich in 4 wild Mangifera spp and two Nephelium spp (N. hypoleucum and N melliferum).


Mr. Dumrung Jirasutas
Director General,
Department of Agriculture (DOA)
Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Email: j.dumrong@hotmail.com

Songpol Somsri, PhD
National Project Co-coordinator
Department of Agriculture
Chatuchak, Bangkok, 10900,
Tel : +6625796588
Email : songpolsom@yahoo.com;  songpol@doa.go.th

Margaret Yoovatana, PhD
National Project Manager
Department of Agriculture
Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900,
Tel : + 6625795359
Email : luckymegy@yahoo.com

Suchitra Chantragoon
Forest and Plant Conservation Research Office
Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation
Chatuchak,  Bangkok 10900
Tel: +662 561077 Ext. 1441
E-mail: suchitra.changtragoon@gmail.com

Mr. Samreang Changprasert
Site Coordinator-Chanthaburi
Chanthaburi Horticultural Research Center,
Khung District, Chanthaburi 22110
E-mail: s.changprasert@hotmail.com

Mr. Pichit Sripinta
Site Coordinator-Chiang Mai
Chiangmai Royal Agricultural Research Centre
PO Box 54, Hangdong District
50230 Chiangmai
Email: sripintap@yahoo.com

Montree Itsarakrisil, PhD
Site Coordinator-Nakhonsithammarat
Walailak University 222
Thaiburi, Tasala
80160 Nakhonsithammarat
E-mail: imontree@wu.ac.th

Mr Tawatchai Nimkingrat
Sisaket Horticultural Research Center (SHRC)
Nongpai, Muang,
E-mail: sisakethort@yahoo.com; twanim@yahoo.com

Ms. Nataya Dum-ampai
Site Coordinator-Trang
Trang Horticultural Research Centre
Sikao92150 Trang
E-mail:  tranghort8@gmail.com

Mr. Chatchanok Noppornphan
National Project Assistant
UNEP/GEF Office,
Department of Agriculture
Horticulture Research Institute, Chatuchak,
Bangkok 10900 Thailand  
Tel: +662 5796588 Ext. 17 
E-mail: prajira@hotmail.com


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